Financial Aid


Our mission is to make violin accessible across the world. This used to mean making it understandable, but now in the pandemic, it means making it accessible. 

Have you been considering signing up for violin classes but are having a problem paying for it?

We have solutions.


Why It's Priced The Way It Is

It's easy to forget why online services cost what they do. 

We're still paying for our commercial space.

Every month, even though we're not using it. We also kept our administrative worker's hours the same so they could keep putting food on the table even in hard times.

Subscription Fees

In order to deliver your delightfully awesome new content, we've had to sign up for a bunch of new online services and software to make, record and deliver all your killer content. Some are cheap (some aren't).

Production Time

You may have noticed the many practice videos released during the semesters (over 100, since the start of Covid!). We've hired help to record, transcribe, synchronize, organize, PDFicize and upload all the online class material so you don't miss a beat.

Enrollments are down.

Some people are on a very tight budget right now. Luckily that is something we can help with. We've been offering Pay What You Can Pricing, which has helped students to attend where they otherwise would not have.

Early Enrollment Helps Us Plan Better. 

And puts that spring in our step!

The Spring Semester starts on February 2nd, 2021. The sooner you sign up, the sooner we can celebrate, and start planning. Since we base the curriculum on who is attending each semester, the sooner we know who is enrolled, the better and more thorough our plan and resources can be.

Split Up The Tuition

Did you know we offer a 3-month financing on the semester?

You can split your payments over 3 months and pay just $183/mo for unlimited violin (three classes 2x/week plus tons of practice videos, PDFs and recorded classes).

Pay $183