Tier 2A



4 Group Classes/mo

  + 2 online group classes/mo 

 In-person or Online

 Recorded Classes

  Song Library 

 Absolute Beginner eCourse

  Open Office Hours

✓   25% Discounts on extra group classes

✓  10% Retail Discounts

✓  20% Discount on Violin Looping Course

✓  Value $435/mo

✓  Cancel anytime and retain credits through billing cycle

✗   Video feedback 

✗   1 Hr Practice Room

   Private Lessons

Tier 2B



8 Group Classes/mo

  + 2 online group classes/mo 

In-person or Online

✓  Recorded Classes

  Song Library 

✓  Absolute Beginner eCourse

  Open Office Hours

  30% Discounts on extra group classes 

✓  10% Retail Discounts

✓  20% Discount on Violin Looping Course

✓  Value $680/mo

✓  Cancel anytime and retain credits through billing cycle

✓  Video feedback 1x/wk

✓  1 Hr Practice Rm/mo

 ✗   Private Lessons

Tier 3A



  4 Private Lessons/mo +
  4 Group Classes/mo

✓  + 2 online group classes/mo 

✓  In-person or Online

✓  Recorded Classes

✓  Song Library

✓  Absolute Beginner eCourse

✓  Open Office Hours

✓  30% Discounts on extra group classes

✓  12% Retail Discounts

  20% Discount on Violin Looping Course

✓  Value $975/mo

✓  Cancel anytime and retain credits through billing cycle

✓  Video feedback 1x/wk

✓  2 Hrs Practice Room/mo

✓ Private Lessons

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A supplemental boost to your playing



Free Membership

  • Monthly Song Challenge. Record your part and watch it all come together!
  • New Sheet Music every month
  • View & share the end result of a musical collaboration
  • Open Office Hours (LiveStream)
  • 10% Discounts on extra group classes 
  • Value $55/mo

❌    No Classes

Free   $0





  • 1 Group Class/month (good for one month)
  • All Free Membership Benefits
  • Monthly Song Challenge including Soundslice
  • Online Make-Ups
  • Open Office Hours
  • Recorded Class Access
  • Song Library access
  • 20% Discounts on extra group classes 
  • Value $164/mo

 Enroll Monthly    $10/week
Billed $40/mo

Non-Members $50/class





  • 2 Group Classes/month (good for one month)
  •  All Tier 1A Benefits
  • Private WhatsApp Group
  • 20% Discounts on extra group classes 
  • 5% Discounts on Retail
  • Value $216/mo

Enroll Monthly    $20/week
Billed $80/mo

Non-Members  $50/class

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Does making music with other people sound fun?

Because it is!

While the membership we most recommend is the Tier 3, Group & Private lessons, if you are on a budget but still want to improve on the violin, this membership tier, Tier 2, may be perfect for you.

Do you:

  • Feel bored in your practice?
  • Miss playing in an orchestra?
  • Experience difficulty learning violin on your own?
  • Find private lessons too expensive?



1. Are a fun, affordable way to improve on violin every single week.
2. Develop a keen sense of timing, outside the metronome, in a realistic situation.
2. Teach you to adjust your speed and musical feel and phrasing to match those around you.
3. Break you out of the habit of always wanting to stop when you mess up.
4. Teach you how to play your part while one or more other parts are going, and not getting distracted or thrown off.
5. Show you that you're not alone in the things you struggle with, comradery in learning this difficulty later in life.
6. Give you the chance to perform as part of a group.
7. Let you hear the beauty of the parts coming together throughout the entire piece. Even though you can try to approximate this with a recording, nothing beats the real thing.



Live Group Classes

Round out your education by attending group classes 1-2x/week which are already included in this membership level. Learning is more fun together, and there are a lot of things you just can't learn on your own! Schedule in advance to attend any class on any day of the month. Drop-ins are ok, but seats can only be guaranteed in advance. Attend online or in-person.


2 BONUS Online Group Classes

Just for committing to this adventure, you're going to get 2 free online group classes per month, completely in addition to the ones you are signing up for. That means if you opt to take 8 group classes a month, now you've got 10! (WIth those extra 2 being attended online.)


Seasonal Song Challenge - NEW

Each quarter we'll be doing an online collaboration. Pick a part to learn, follow the instructions and link, play along with me, then submit your recording, and I'll seam together everyone's video so that we can all be playing at once, together!



Song Libary

Tons of fun, educational sheet music with accompanying practice videos that are synced up to live notation.

Recorded Group Classes

Search the Archives for any song or topic, or just watch the class you just missed last week.



Free Practice Room Time

If you opt for 2x/week classes, you'll get free practice room time each month! Book before a class to warm up, after a class to keep going, or practice with a friend. All for free. ($15/hr after 2 hours.)



We want to reward you for dedicating yourself to learning the violin. Receive 10% off our retail merchandise (including violins) and 25 - 30% off any additional group classes you'd like to attend.

Plus receive a 20% on Mirea Clua's Violin Looping Course!

It’s Time to Have Some Serious Fun

With group classes, you'll find a great place to make music together and improve your playing level.

While the membership we recommend most is the Tier 3, Group & Private lessons, if you are on a bit of a budget but still want to get better on violin and have lots of fun, this membership may be perfect for you.

If you are:

  • Missing playing in an orchestra
  • Having trouble finding affordable classes in NYC
  • Having difficulty learning violin on your own
  • Feeling uninspired in your practice

You should consider this Tier 2 Group Class Membership to keep you moving on your violin progress.



This membership is perfect if you:

  • You are on a very tight budget.
  • You think of music as a social activity.
  • You'd like to meet new people your age with the same interests.
  • You want to try something new.
  • You feel you play better in a group setting.
  • You like being able to blend in.
  • You want to improve your sight reading in a low-pressure situation.
  • You think music is more fun together.
  • You like having something to practice for.
  • You want to provide encouragement to those who are where you were 6-12 months ago.
  • Can attend 1-2x/week.

This membership is not a good fit if you:

  • Are just looking for private lessons.
  • Do not enjoy playing with a group.
  • Are able to attend 3x/week. (We most recommend Tier 3).