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Deciphering Sheet Music Crash Course eBook

The only book created specifically for adults who are scared to death of reading sheet music.

Have you ever found yourself playing some piece you know by heart and asked yourself, “What on earth does this symbol mean? I haven’t the slightest idea!” If so, you are not alone.

Many modern methods completely skip over introducing you to the concepts and symbols on the page. While this gets you playing faster, it leaves you with a lifetime of self-doubt and criticism, wondering if you’re a “real” musician, since you know you wouldn’t be able to play something without hearing it first.

All of this is completely fixable.

The first step is understanding the definitions of the symbols. Just like words have definitions, so too do symbols. Each one has a precise meaning, and once you understand it, your worried world of music reading will never be the same again.

What you'll get:

  • Learn how know in an instant which notes to play
  • Learn how long you are expected to hold each note
  • Untangle all of the symbols you see when you go to play music
  • Learn how to keep a steady beat
  • Learn the right way to count, without needing any musical experience whatsoever 
  • Learn how to break down counting so you can do it right every time
  • Find out how music relates to pizza
  • BONUS: Basic Music Dictionary of Common Music Terms and Symbols in Violin
    • 72 of the most commonly used words in beginner violin
    • 87 definitions with examples and illustrations 
    • 14 pages of music theory that is applicable to any first time musician