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Unlike any other studio

There are hundreds of violin teachers around the world teaching online. Most are wonderful players who need a more consistent income. Some like teaching, some don't. Let me tell you the difference here at NYC Violin Studio. 

We love teaching. We like playing too, and most of the teachers perform regularly, but our main priority is making sure you stay consistent with your lessons and make tangible progress from week to week. Our teachers are very reliable, on-time, professional, friendly  and very results-oriented. Not to mention our specialty is violin - no need to wonder if your teacher is just doing this is on the side and is giving you questionable information and technique practices.

Do it once, do it right.

Now that you know we are serious about our one-on-one progress, you've got to hear about all the added perks you get with your NYC Violin Studio Membership. We've got a bunch of things that you won't find anywhere else.  




No other studio offers benefits like these. In-person lessons, open office hours, monthly song collaboration challenges, group classes, retail discounts...the list goes on!

If you're serious about making progress on the violin, you already know that you'll need to take private lessons. I think you'll be really pleased with all of the perks you get just for signing up for a recurring membership. (Cancel anytime you like and still receive a full term of benefits - see below for details.)



Private Lessons

You'll receive 30, 45 or 60 minute private lessons 1x/week so you can work on your very specific violin goals. Flexible scheduling with 6 month expiration on rolled over lessons. Attend online or in-person. 


Free Group Class

All Tier 4 memberships come with a free group class. Tier 4A & 4B come with a free online group class and Tier 4C comes with 1 in-person group class per month. Learn how to make music with others by playing live in the same room (or online).

Group Classes also include lectures and clinics, useful for all types of students. Learning is more fun together, and there are a lot of things you just can't learn about collaboration in a private lesson. Schedule in advance to attend any class on any day of the month. Drop-ins are ok, but seats can only be guaranteed in advance. Attend online or in-person.


Seasonal Song Challenge

Each quarter we have an online collaboration. Use this opportunity to learn a new song! Pick a part to learn, play along with me, then submit your recording, and I'll seam together everyone's video so that we can all be playing at once, together!


Song Libary

Tons of fun, educational sheet music with accompanying practice videos that are synced up to live notation.

Recorded Group Classes

Search the Archives for any song or topic, or just watch the class you just missed last week.



Open Office Hours

All of our members are encourage to take advantage of Open Office Hours, where you can ask the teacher any question at all. Get guidance on your practice routine, check if you're doing something correctly, or find out what that blasted symbols on your sheet music. No question too big or small. Attend online or in-person completely in addition to the group classes you receive.



We want to reward you for dedicating yourself to learning the violin. Receive up to 12% off our retail merchandise (including violins) and up to 30% off any additional group classes you'd like to attend.

Plus receive a 20% on Mirea Clua's Violin Looping Course!



This membership is a good fit if you:

  • Want personalized attention.
  • Have very specific violin goals or deadlines.
  • Can only attend online or in-person 1x/week.
  • Have a budget of $70-80/week for these goals.
  • Don't have a desire to play music with others.


This membership is not a good fit if you:
  • Are looking for the cheapest option.
  • Want to learn how to make music with other people. 
  • Are able to attend more than 1x/week.

Meet Your Teachers: