On this course you will learn every single major and minor key (30 keys in all) and have access to tunes in every key, should you wish to learn them.

All keys have accompanying practice videos, and you will learn the easiest finger patterns to get each 2 octave scale done.

BONUS: Learn the requisite shifting, even if you have no prior experience!

Note: This course is only intended for students who have been playing the violin for long enough that they are comfortable in 1st position and know every accidental. While there will be a brief review of the Chromatic scale to start with, if you've never had experience with such notes as F natural, C natural, E flat, or A flat, it is recommended that you do the Learn Every Note course first.

Once you sign up, you will be granted instant access, and will have access for 1 year to review the material as much as you like.

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