Summer of Improvement: Group Violin Classes, In-Person and Online!

Class is starting soon!

Fiddle Class (Hybrid)
Technique Intensive (Hybrid)
Shifting & Scales Class (Hybrid)
In-Person Chamber Orchestra (Streamed)

Classes start June 8th. Save your spot now!


You Can Learn Violin!

Did you used to play violin and want to play again? Have never played but have always dreamed of it?

You've come to the right place.

We have everything you need all right here. Whether you already know what you're looking for, or have no idea where to start, we will guide you in the right direction so that by next month you can be saying, "Yes, I play violin!"

Below you'll see our three main types of services: Group Violin Classes, Private Violin Lessons and ways to Teach Yourself Violin.

Absolute Beginner Violin Class Starts June 9th!

Class is starting soon!

We are finally opening the doors on enrollment to this amazing class. Come join us in-person to learn violin for the very first time! This is a class for adults and starts on June 9th, 2021. Click below to learn more! 


Take a Class

Save money and get an experience not available anywhere else, while having the maximum fun!

The Summer Semester is an 8-week semester that starts on June 8th. We will be delivering HYBRID classes so you can attend in-person or online! 

The classes are: 
How to Tune Your Violin Without Breaking a String! Online Workshop

Absolute Beginner Violin
Absolute Beginner Viola
Fiddle Class
Shifting & Scales Class
Beautiful Tone, Bow Control & Vibrato Class
In-Person Chamber Orchestra

Be sure to save your seat now!

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Find a Private Teacher

One-on-one help to guide you through your journey or for just the topics you need guidance on when you need them. Personalized lessons on your schedule.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Private Violin Lessons
Private Viola Lessons
Private Piano Lessons

In-Person Lessons: Antoinette is now teaching in-person in Manhattan!

Single lessons and packages available.

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Teach Yourself Violin

Use our free and paid resources to start learning violin on your own, from scratch! We have sheet music, tons of videos and self-guided courses to take you from, "I've never touched a violin before," to "I'm playing with vibrato!"

Absolute Beginner Violin Book 1
Absolute Beginner Self-Guided Course
Learn Every Note on the Violin
Learning Library: Sheet Music and Practice Videos for Late Beginner to Intermediate Players
Free Sheet Music

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"The group classes, in particular, they are fun. I enjoy them a lot! Having the class as part of my routine has helped me a lot to get through the quarantine. So actually I think it’s a great time to start the class! You just practice and you get better. It just works that way!"


"In my view of music, for both the listener and the player, it’s a way to express yourself. And I think it’s very cool in times like this, to pick up something and learn something new like that, especially music. So, I mean I wouldn’t wait, personally. Just go for it."

Computer Programming College Student

"I think that the NYC Violin Studio is great with the adult group classes. That is pretty unique in today's day and age. It is a lot more common to find private lessons, so I think that's great. I progressed a lot faster than my expectations. It helped a lot to be doing group classes to take from others and learn and get advice. My friends and family are very impressed that I decided to pick up an instrument so late in life. They think it is pretty cool and they always ask me when they can hear me play! I think the teachers are great and that it is a great way to meet people. I would definitely recommend the NYC Violin Studio!"

Insurance Underwriter

"I cannot recommend NYC Violin Studio enough. I have been to other schools in NYC and this is by far the best. Scheduling is incredibly easy. If I needed to miss a class I could make it up on another date. The instruction is fantastic. I think the instructors understand that most of the students aren't planning on becoming concert violinists, so they focus on teaching interesting pieces while providing enough theory and technique to improve without completely overwhelming us. Truly top notch professionals who make the class fun!"

Higher Education Administrator

"Antoinette is not only a wonderful musician, she's a true teacher. She was endlessly patient with me and could always find a different way to explain or describe what I needed to do. She was always encouraging but never fake about praise, so when I got it, I knew I'd actually done something right--and if I didn't, she would simply work with me further on it until I did. I'm a teacher myself, so I recognize what it takes to be a good one--and Antoinette is not just good: she's excellent. I've never met better."

Retired English Professor Emeritus

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