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Annual Winter Concert

Students and teachers will perform at our annual Student Winter Concert on December 9th, 2023 inside a beautiful church in Chelsea. We invite all students to take the stage and share their talents with friends and family. This event offers a chance to shine, showcasing your hard work and passion in front of a supportive audience.

It's an excellent opportunity to boost your confidence, enhance your stage presence, and develop essential performance skills.

Don't miss out – mark your calendar for a memorable winter performance!

When: Sunday, Dec 9th, 5pm
Where: St. Paul's, 315 W 22nd St
Cost: $20 for guests, click link for early bird discounts

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We offer adult group violin class at all levels. Viola and Cello are welcome as well!
See our calendar below to discover which class would suit you best! Topics are refreshed monthly, but you can join anytime.

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Absolute Beginner Violin Class

For Adults New to Violin

Starting Soon!

Want to learn violin for the first time? This class is for adults who have no musical experience, or who used to play violin when they were young.

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I’ve always believed that adults can learn violin.

In fact, I love teaching violin to adults! There's something very special to me about an adult who has always wanted to learn As a full-time violin teacher with more than 12 years of violin teaching experience, I have made it my life's mission to teach violin to adults in the most efficient, effective and fun manner possible.

I believe that teaching students how to read sheet music not only empowers them but also opens up a vast repertoire of musical possibilities, just as teaching illiterate individuals to read transforms their lives and grants access to a world of opportunities.

My classes will help you improve on violin so that you can achieve your goals in playing anything you like!


Private Lessons

with Marie

"This is an amazing group of musical performers and teachers! I know this because our daughter has been learning violin at NYC Violin Studio for over three years now, and I have gotten to know many of the teachers. We just attended their 2023 concert, and the energy and talent present on the stage, from the accomplished professional musician-instructors to the beginner level students, was truly incredible, as always. The instructors are very serious about their craft and are clearly dedicated to fostering the progress and success of all of their students, whether adult or children. But, at the same time they manage to maintain an atmosphere of joy, humor and acceptance that makes the studio, and their performances, always warm and inviting. We feel so lucky to have found this studio for our daughter!"

Michael A., Father
Group Classes

with Antoinette

"I cannot recommend NYC Violin Studio enough. I have been to other schools in NYC and this is by far the best. Scheduling is incredibly easy. If I needed to miss a class I could make it up on another date. The instruction is fantastic. I think the instructors understand that most of the students aren't planning on becoming concert violinists, so they focus on teaching interesting pieces while providing enough theory and technique to improve without completely overwhelming us. Truly top-notch professionals who make the class fun!"

Katherine H., Educator
Private Lessons

with Laura

"My 5 year old son had never touched a Violin before taking a lesson at the Violin Studio with Laura - now we can’t get him to stop playing! He absolutely loves Laura, who is an amazing instructor, and looks forward to his lesson every week! I absolutely recommend the NYC Violin studio to anyone of any experience or no experience and any age as they are awesome!! Thank you, Laura, and the Violin Studio for taking such great care of my son - I look forward to a great future of music and Violin with you!!!!" 

Joaquin P., Dad
Group Classes

with Katherine, Antoinette, Marie

"I've really enjoyed taking private and group lessons with Antoinette and Marie. The private lessons really helped me get a firm grasp of the basics, and the group class has been great because I've been able to make music with other people. I've really gotten better at playing in the last few months because of these lessons, and I had a lot of fun! Never felt boring or like work. I just performed for the first time ever in NYC Violin Studio's concert, and I felt very confident in my abilities thanks to the dedication, patience, and kindness of the instructors. I would highly recommend NYC Violin Studio for players of any experience level and age." 

Julia K., Student

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