Rent a Practice Room 

in Midtown Manhattan NYC

134 W 26th St, Suite 701  (646) 801-1787

Ideal for acoustic violin practice or duet, trio or quartet practice.

Same day booking discounts available.

Prices indicate regular rate and discounted Same Day Rate for last-minute bookings.

For the Same Day discount, see the Receptionist before or after your room rental.

For room details, see below.




Big Room

Acoustic / Electric Practice Room

With Kawai Electric Piano, 15 chairs, 12 music stands, extra bench seating, dry erase board.

20 x 17   339 sq ft 

$35 / $20 per hour

Small Rooms

Acoustic Practice Room

With 2 chairs, 1 music stand, a folding table and access to all in-house sheet music.

Room 4 (Tall room) 6 x 5         33 sq ft
Room 5 (with cabinets) 6 x 6    37 sq ft
Room 6 (Sound Booth) 5 x 3     17 sq ft
Room 7 (Green Room)  6 x 7    39 sq ft