Rent a Violin in 2 Steps:

1. Schedule a pick-up time here if necessary.

2. Click here to start your rental on the day of your pick-up.


Active Students

We offer violin rentals to students actively taking lessons at NYC Violin Studio. Unfortuntely, we cannot offer rentals to students who are not taking lessons or classes here.

Security Deposit

All rentals require a refundable security deposit of $150, which will be returned when the violin is returned in the same condition. Any damages will be deducted from this amount. If the damage is greater than $150, you will be charged for the amount of the repair in addition to this amount.

 Rental Start Date

Violin rentals are $35/month, plus tax. The day you start the rental and the day of pick-up should coincide. Your card will be charged monthly until the violin is returned.

Swap sizes

You can switch instruments or instrument sizes at any time, based on availability.

String Replacements

You can get a fresh string change every 6 months. This includes any strings you might have snapped accidentally (one string replacement per string per 6 months.