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Absolute Beginner Violin

For Adults

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 Are you an

Adult who has never touched a violin before?


We have the perfect book for you.


The Absolute Beginner Violin Method Book 1.


Authored by Antoinette Ady, a full time violin teacher with 11 years of one-on-one and group teaching experience. In her 31 years of playing violin, she has taken all of the most helpful advice and condensed it down to a single book containing over 100 exercises and songs to get you from "never touched a violin before" to comfortably playing Beethoven's Ode to Joy main theme. 

It may seem unbelievable, but in just 10 weeks, you too can learn to play violin comfortably. 

I know you may have already tried to learn on your own. All the other books out there, especially Suzuki, assume you already understand musical notation, which is most often not the case! In this book, you will not be inundated with heavy technical words, unnecessarily complex sheet music, seemingly useless exercises, and pictures of prodigy 5-year olds who seem to have known how to play from birth. 

Instead you'll get an eBook covering: 

  1. 102 Exercises & Songs to take you from "never touched a violin" to playing Beethoven's Ode to Joy with ease. Really!
  2. Deciphering Sheet Music Crash Course so you never have confusion on music words and symbols again. 
  3. The most thorough glossary of any method book. Bask in the 5-page long glossary with definitions and images explaining each term used in the book.
  4. Learn How to Practice - an article shortcutting years of trial and error condensed onto a single page of instruction.
  5. Learn Why We Practice - a deep and thorough look at why practice is even necessary to master a musical instrument.
  6. Quickly Learn the Parts of the Violin - pictures and descriptions of ONLY the parts you absolutely need to know right now. You can learn the rest later!
  7. Learn Resting Position, Playing Position. Special quick-start guide to get you playing right away.
  8. Learn How to Pluck the Strings so you can memorize the 4 strings quickly, as well as get the hang of counting, and prep yourself for the next step, the bow.
  9. Learn the Right Way to Hold the Bow and exercises to get you started right away.
  10. 4 Pro Tips on How to Bow Straight, by far the most troublesome part of learning violin. Found nowhere else except in this book. 11 years of research and experimenting with the most efficient and effective tips on private and group students so you can get this down right away instead of struggling for years on your own trying to figure it out!
  11. Learn how to have fine control over the bow with a surprisingly simple but effective exercise that the pros use every day.
  12. 78 Pictorial Illustrations in total, so you will have no trouble gaining a crystal clear insight into the ideas and solutions being presented.

BONUS: FREE Membership to the Violin Community, where you can be inspired, encouraged and nudged along your journey!

This book is everything you need, and nothing you don't. Books out there like Suzuki Book 1, Essential Elements and all the others are filled to the brim with a lot of additional information that is impossible to learn without a private teacher. You on the other hand, are an adult who knows how to learn on their own. Does a private teacher make learning violin faster? Yes. Is it possible to learn violin on your own? With this book, also, yes.


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Made Especially for Adults on a Tight Schedule


Other violin method books are written for kids. Adult violin students have different needs than kids. This book is made specifically for adults. Since you are smarter than a 3rd grader, your comprehension is higher, so don't need to go on the same long, tedious journey that kids need to. 

Your journey, in fact, is much shorter.

Kids need to learn the alphabet, basic math and practice discipline before they can start playing. You have time and experience on your side, making you a much faster student.

Because of this, learning to read sheet music is much faster, too. 

Surprised? Antoinette was too, when she started teaching adults. But she realized that while the popular belief is "you have to learn violin when you're a kid," nothing could be further from the truth! Her adult students have always progressed faster than her young students, because they already had so many basic concepts down through life experience.

Because they moved so fast through the books she initially used, she started developing a method for busy adults with lives and children of their own. Most adults don't have the leisure of having hours of practice time available each day. With that in mind, the songs and exercises you'll be practicing are the CORE exercises you need to focus on for the FASTEST progress.

Authored By a Specialist Who's Been Through What You've Been Through


31 years ago, Antoinette was confronted with a decision. The result would change her life, and the lives of hundreds, and later thousands of others forever.

When she wanted to start violin, she didn't have money for private lessons like everyone else seemed to. She had to decide: "I really want to learn violin. It's such a beautiful instrument, but I can't afford lessons. I'd have to learn it on my own. Should I try, knowing I might fail? Or should I just bootstrap my own way, go for it and stick with it until I can prove to myself that I can do it?"

Luckily for her, and for you, she chose the latter. After years of practicing every single day in the hopes that through mere grit and effort, she would somehow rise to the ranks of "first row" in orchestra (which only seats the best players). Being a part of a professional orchestra sounded nice, but she knew she mainly wanted to play for friends and family, and most of all, to prove to herself that she could indeed learn the "hardest instrument" and sound good, too.

It took years. She had a little help, but nothing she could afford to pay for out of pocket. Through a combination of believing in herself, and picking up the violin every day, she was able to progress, little by little.

20 years later, she found herself in position where she was able to start teaching violin. In that very first lesson, she realized she had found her life's passion: helping others, and being able to spend time with her absolute favorite instrument.

Not long after starting to teach, she started accepting adult students, knowing that she had had success teaching children. She noticed something very interesting. 

We've all heard the adage, "you have to be young to learn the violin." She started taking notes on how fast the children were progressing through their method books versus the adults and she found that the adults were progressing much faster.

After a while, she found herself picking and choosing certain exercises for the adults, knowing that they had a much faster rate of learning. And, to keep speed them along, she started researching various ways to relay musical concepts and violin technique. Throwing away the useless, ineffective and time-consuming methods, and emphasizing the fast, effective explanations and exercises, she eventually honed her own method.

That method, after 8 years of research, is contained within this book.

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Lesson PDFs

Every lesson has a carefully crafted topic. Nothing overwhelming and everything you need to know. 

This material has been used with real adults since 2018 with fantastic results. 


Lesson Videos

In the Self-Guided Course (an optional add-in), each lesson contains accompanying videos. Antoinette walks you through every step of the way, taking you from not being able to hold to instrument, to be able to play confidently on 2 strings.



For Adults

  • 102 Exercises & Songs
  • 41 pages of only what you need 
  • Deciphering Sheet Music Crash Course 
  • The most thorough glossary of any method.
  • Learn How to Practice 
  • Learn Why We Practice 
  • Quickly Learn the Parts of the Violin
  • Learn Resting Position, Playing Position. 
  • Learn How to Pluck the Strings 
  • Learn the Right Way to Hold the Bow 
  • 4 Secret Tips on How to Bow Straight 
  • Learn how to have fine control over the bow 
  • 78 Illustrations 
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Practice Videos

  • Everything from the eBook, plus
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Live Help

  • Everything from the eBook + eCourse, plus
  • Weekly 1 hour classes for 8 weeks
  • Live Instruction and Help
  • WhatsApp Chat for you and your classmates
  • 24/7 help via chat
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