Absolute Beginner Violin Self-Guided Course

This course is for adult students who have never picked up a violin before. I'll take you all the way from holding the instrument to playing confidently on two strings. All in 10 weeks or less! Course access never expires, so if you need longer, that's no problem. You can review the material as much as you'd like.

During active group class semesters (Sept 22 - Dec 13), receive free access to Absolute Beginner Office Hours on Tuesday from 6:30 - 7:00 PM and Saturday 11:30 am - 12:00 pm, EST.

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Made Especially for Adults

Most violin method books are written for kids since that's when many people start their violin journey. Not everyone, though. This book is made for adults. Since their comprehension is much higher, this book teaches you to read music, little by little, so that you actually understand what you are playing.


Authored by a Specialist

Antoinette has taught thousands of hours to adult beginners. She authored this book from that experience and piloted it on real adults.

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Open Office Hours (online)

From Sept 22 - Dec 13, Open Office Hours are being added as an additional perk.

Do the course on your own time, then come and ask questions, or show me what you've got. All feedback is included in the course!

Lesson PDFs

Every lesson has a carefully crafted topic. Nothing you don't need to know, everything you need to know. 

This material has been used with real adults since 2018 with fantastic results. 


Lesson Videos

Each lesson contains accompanying videos. Antoinette walks you through every step of the way, taking you from not being able to hold to instrument, to be able to play confidently on 2 strings.

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