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Violin Classes for Adults

How to choose a class:

1. Determine your playing level: Beginner, Late Beginner, Early Intermediate or Intermediate? (Need help determining your level? See "Class Descriptions" below.)

2. Choose a class to attend based on your level.
Not sure when to start? See "Upcoming Topics" below. (Beginners, we recommend starting at the beginning of a new topic.)

3. Book your class using the "Book Class" button.

4. If you'd like to attend classes regularly, we recommend signing up for a Membership which gives you monthly class credits at a discount.. 

5. You're now a member but you can't make a class? No problem. Attend online, come a different class that week, or attend an extra class some other week in your billing month. You can use your credits any way you like!

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Ongoing group violin classes with monthly focuses. Join any time!
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Upcoming Topics

Looking for the best time to join? Beginners are encouraged to start at the beginning of a new topic, whereas more advanced students can jump in anytime.

Class Descriptions

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  • 1 free group class¬†every month
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  • 25% off additional group classes.
  • 10-15% off private lessons.
  • 10-12% off retail items.
  • 20%¬†off¬†Electric Violin Looping eCourse
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  • Group Classes: 1 month from purchase
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  • 3 Free¬†group classes
    (3 mo. expiration)

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Member Perks:

  • 25% off additional group classes for friends and family.
  • 10-15% off private lessons.
  • 10-12% off retail items.
  • 20%¬†off¬†Electric Violin Looping eCourse
  • Unlimited members get 1 hour of Practice Room time per month
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  • Group Classes: 3 months from purchase
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60 min Priv + Unlim. Group $600/mo

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    (6 - 12 mo. expiration)
  • 1 or Unlimited¬†group classes¬†per week
    (1 - 3 mo. expiration)
  • Free Practice Room Time

Free Access to:

Member Perks:

  • 30% off¬†extra group classes.
  • 15% off any additional private lessons.
  • 12% off retail items.
  • 20%¬†off¬†Electric Violin Looping eCourse¬†¬†¬†
  • All VIP members get 1 hour of Practice Room time per month
  • Mix & Match Group Classes during¬†billing period


  • Group Class: 1 month for monthly, or 3 months for quarterly
  • Private lessons: 6 monthly for monthly, 12 months for quarterly
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How to Get Started

Chose a Membership

Would you like just group classes, or supplemental private lessons?

Would you like to attend 1 or more group classes each week?


What are you interested in learning? Or do you just want to play in a group?

 Based on your level, attend two back-to-back classes or just one.


You'll get a reminder 2 days and 2 hours beforehand.

Show up with your instrument (or rent from us) and we'll provide the sheet music and the instruction!


Why Group Classes?


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Why group classes.? They're different than anything else you've experienced. Anyone who's been in a student orchestra can tell you. If you have the time and the budget for it, our recommendation would be to do both private lessons AND group classes.

Who group classes are great for

If you fall into this category of people:

  • Have always wanted to learn violin, or get back into it
  • Have a tighter budget
  • Play better when you're playing along to someone or something else
  • Can't practice much during the week, outside of class
  • Don't mind making a few new friends
  • Interested in making music with other like-minded adults
  • Can play on your own, but haven't tried making music with other people

Then our adult group violin classes are perfect for you.

It's Cheaper

For one thing, group classes are cheaper than private lessons. 

It's Magical

Group classes give you an opportunity to meet awesome people and have a great time. (Many students say it is the highlight of their week!) The best way we can describe it is that you'll feel the magic of being inside the music, not just being an outside listener. There's nothing else that compares.

Music Skills

There are things you just can't work on learning by yourself. Skills like timing, rhythm, and intonation are all remarkably improved when playing with others. There's a reason an orchestra has so many members - there is power in numbers. Having the musical support of your peers helps you learn faster and play better.

Support System

Sometimes playing on your own can be disheartening, no matter how much experience you have. You might feel like you're too old, not good enough, not fast enough...whatever it is.

In a group, you have a support system. Every student in that class is going through the same things that you are. And you'll be there for each other and encourage each other. 

Beyond the classroom

Our group classes go beyond the classroom. We build a community of musicians who learn and grow together, all through the beautiful journey of learning to play the violin. Many students form practice groups during and in between semesters to help them practice. 

So don't wait. With one click of a button you can make your musical dreams come true. We'll be right there with you every step of the way. 

If you'd like to find out more specifics about how our group classes run, check out in-depth FAQ.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Violin Classes Benefit Everybody

Why make music alone when you can make it together? No other studio offers in-person group violin classes. Take advantage of this special opportunity. The coronavirus is somewhat under control, for now. We don't know what will happen in the future.  So if you'd like to learn in person, don't miss this chance!

In this day and age, it's important now more than ever for all of us to come together and make something beautiful. And that's exactly what we do in our Group Violin Classes for adults. See for yourself. Check out our rooftop BBQ at the end of the Summer Semester 2021.

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Rocio K.


I've been taking violin group classes at the NYC Violin Studio for two years now and I love it. I started as a beginner and now I'm in the intermediate class. Both Antoinette and Marie are amazing teachers. Even now with the covid pandemic, taking online classes I've improved a lot, and also I've enjoyed playing and the concerts. I can't wait to start the summer semester!

Rocio, Astrophysicist
Intermediate Violinist

Katherine H.


"I cannot recommend NYC Violin Studio enough. I have been to other schools in NYC and this is by far the best. Scheduling is incredibly easy. If I needed to miss a class I could make it up on another date. The instruction is fantastic. I think the instructors understand that most of the students aren't planning on becoming concert violinists, so they focus on teaching interesting pieces while providing enough theory and technique to improve without completely overwhelming us. Truly top notch professionals who make the class fun!"

Corporate Training Director
Absolute Beginner Violinist

Tonia P.


"Antoinette is not only a wonderful musician, she's a true teacher. She was endlessly patient with me and could always find a different way to explain or describe what I needed to do. She was always encouraging but never fake about praise, so when I got it, I knew I'd actually done something right--and if I didn't, she would simply work with me further on it until I did. I'm a teacher myself, so I recognize what it takes to be a good one--and Antoinette is not just good: she's excellent. I've never met better."

Retired English Professor
Early Intermediate Fiddler

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