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A Summer Like No Other 

Join us for our Summer of Improvement as you fix your trouble spots while making awesome new friends in our level-specific group violin classes. While most students sign up for the full semester, you are welcome to join for one or more classes without commitment. The full detailed schedule is here.

All Hybrid Classes:
Each Class is Held Both In-Person and Online - You Choose How You'd Like to Attend

Big News: We're going Hybrid!

Look below to see all our classes. All are Hybrid. You're sure to find one that fits your level and interest.

This semester, we will focus on upping your game on violin. Learn every single scale in the Early Intermediate Class. Learn how to do vibrato once and for all in the Technique Intensive. Learn how to count rhythms the right way, and finally start sight-reading like you've been wanting to.

These classes are really fun and really effective! If you're ready to take your playing to a whole new level, read on to see which classes are best for you.

Most students sign up for the All Access Pass, allowing them to pick and choose which days they'd like to come to different classes. It's the best way to become a well-rounded musician.


All Summer Classes
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BONUS #1: FREE 8-week subscription to Sheet Music Library, containing Practice Videos and PDFs to over 100 songs and exercises, with more being added continuously! (Value $199+).

BONUS #2: FREE printed sheet music for in-person attendees (Value: huge convenience)

The total value of these products and services is $11,176.

Renting the space to hold your own rehearsals would run you over $3,960 at the absolute minimum. Just the Unlimited Pass alone, granting you access to all of the classes you'll want to attend would cost $2,560. The indexing and storing of our previous highly valuable group classes would cost you $2,250, without considering the invaluable material covered, the inspiring pieces we've learned and the skill-building exercises we've done. Other schools charge thousands of dollars of tuition with none of the added benefits that we offer (no unlimited passes, no hybrid options, no in-person options, no practice app, no detailed homework assignments on what to practice with accompanying practice videos to practice to with scrolling sheet music, no full archives, and definitely not 8 class times per week to choose from.

This is a once-in-a-season opportunity. Don't let it slip between your fingers when you had the chance to sign up before life distracted you again. 

Despite this incredible value, all we are asking for is $650. 

Why? In the hopes that with this accessible price, many students will be able to sign up and cover the cost of the rental space, the teachers, and all the other one-of-a-kind benefits you will receive immediately upon enrolling. 

No other studio is offering Hybrid group classes for adults. You get a huge savings of 91%, but remember, classes only run June 8th - August 1st so you must secure your spot now. These seats are going fast!

Even if you were only getting the access to 15 hours of classes every week, and could learn every single scale, a handful of fiddle tunes, get to play in a real live chamber orchestra with your peers, and could finally get a handle on sight-reading, rhythm AND VIBRATO, would that be worth $67.50/week to you? 

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL BONUS: All students to enroll by April 18th will receive a FREE 45 min. private lesson with the studio owner Antoinette (redeemable May 1st until the end of this semester). (Value $60)

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What Happens In Between Classes?

We offer an extensive set of resources for students in between classes. The Group Class Resources subscription is p for the All Access Pass which allows you to attend any and all group classes as well as all group class resources online. 

Sheet Music PDFs

You'll be able to track the class weekly, with PDFs always accessible and organized by week. You'll receive additional information to help boost your understanding with the option to explore the topic more on your own.


Watch the Classes You Missed

The Age of Hybrid: Attend in person AND rewatch the class again if you missed it! Life has never been better. terms of this watching class recordings.

Practice Videos &
Scrolling Sheet Music

Every week you'll have a video to practice with. Most of them will even keep your place for you by tracking the audio, note by note. Talk about never losing your place! Not only that, but you can speed up, slow down, loop, count-in and play a metronome, all within your control.

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  • Unlimited access to any class. 64 class times available! (Value $2,560)
  • Attend Online or In-Person! (Studio Rental Value $3,960+)
  • 8-week Group Class Resources subscription: All Lessons & PDFs ($960), Practice Videos ($384) & Recorded Group Classes. ($750)
  • FREE subscription to Group Class Archives, with 180 searchable hours of class (Value $2,250)
  • FREE membership to the Violin Community. (value $34)
  • FREE Practice App!

BONUS: FREE 8-week subscription to Sheet Music Library, containing Practice Videos and PDFs to over 100 songs and exercises! (Now through Aug 8th) (Value $199+).

BONUS: FREE printed sheet music for in-person attendees (Value: huge convenience)

Total value: $11,176
Your cost:   $650


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  • 8-week Group Class Resources subscription ($240)
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  • Access to Full Group Class Archives (Value $2,250)
  • Free Practice App (Value $19.99)
  • WhatsApp invitation
  • Free Violin Community membership
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Recent Graduates

"A great way to meet new people"

"We're in a really crazy time right now, so being able to pick up the violin and having something to practice has been a really nice distraction. It's also been a great way to meet new people, especially living in the city. It's been really fun. I definitely progressed a lot faster than my expectations were. It helped a lot to be doing group classes, just to kind of to take from others and learn, and get advice."

Insurance Underwriter

"One of the greatest joys"

"My age range, above 60, are feeling like they still have a lot of years ahead of them and have plenty of time to learn things and grab onto things they might have missed in their youth. Playing a musical instrument is certainly one of the greatest joys an individual can experience. So they should certainly give it a try because you can only get better once you start, so you may as well try. I recommend the NYC Violin Studio with my highest highest regards and would love to spread the joy that it brings."

Retired Marketing Executive

"I always wanted to learn a new instrument"

"I always wanted to learn a new instrument and violin is probably the top on my list. I started with group classes. The timing works perfectly for me. With only 5-10 students in the classes I think it's perfect. The teachers are very nice and they understand the needs of the students. At the end of the semester we usually have a concert, and I love that as well."



"It's something I can do to really express how I feel"

"I just recently graduated college. Playing the viola has been a way I could express myself. When I'm not feeling well, or when I'm feeling very happy, it's something I can pick up and do to really express how I feel. I started off taking private lessons with Antoinette and they were really helping me. I was just a complete beginner and she really helped me with the basics like how to even hold the viola, how to properly position it. Starting off with the basics, she really helped me with that."

Music Major

"Truly top notch professionals who make the class fun!"

"I cannot recommend NYC Violin Studio enough. I have been to other schools in NYC and this is by far the best. Scheduling is incredibly easy. If I needed to miss a class I could make it up on another date. The instruction is fantastic. I think the instructors understand that most of the students aren't planning on becoming concert violinists, so they focus on teaching interesting pieces while providing enough theory and technique to improve without completely overwhelming us. Truly top notch professionals who make the class fun!"

Higher Education Administrator

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Which Level is Best For You?

Each class has a specially crafted curriculum. Take a peek at some of the sheet music used last semester to get an idea of where you may fit in.

Fiddle Class

Early Intermediate Class

Student Orchestra: Intermediate Class

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