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Group Class Students

Dress Rehearsals

Tues, Dec 5th, 7:30pm - Student Orchestra
Wed, Dec 6th, 6:30pm - Beginner
Wed Dec 6th 7:30pm, Late Beginner
Sat, Dec 9th 12:30pm - ALL GROUP CLASSES

How much do extra classes cost?

  • Possibly nothing at all. Monthly members get one extra, free class per month, and Quarterly members get 3 extra classes per quarter.
  • If you're going out of town for the holidays, use those make-up classes as pre-concert extra rehearsals (it's perfect timing).
  • All members get at least a 25% discount on extra group classes with the code SUCCESS25 and 10% off privates with MEMBER10.

Concert Day Schedule


Soloists/Duos and Beginner Class: Concert attire or semi-formal
Student Orchestra: Concert attire (black/white top and black bottom or black dress.) Jackets for men.
Pack your music, violin, bow, rosin, shoulder rest, glasses, etc. Orchestra members, you must bring a stand and a stand light with you.

12:30pm Dress Rehearsal
At NYC Violin Studio
, 260 W 35th St, Suite 204.
           Beginner pieces first, then Late Beginner, then Student Orchestra.

4:00pm - Group Class Performers arrive
At the Venue, St. Paul's,  315 W 22nd St.
4:00 - Open your case, tune and let your instrument get acclimated (no guests inside the hall yet, please).
4:00 - Door person ensures no guests enter the hall until 4:45pm. Gets programs and guest list ready.
4:05 - Helpers grab chairs from downstairs and set up orchestra formation. (Nandini, Angie, Rosa, Michael)
4:05  Morgan & co set up flameless candles around church. If extra in stock, put some in balcony.
4:05  Hermon sets up stage lighting (2 flood lights, 2 spot lights). Use extension cord as needed.
4:10 - Orch members set up their stands and stand lights on stage. 
4:10 - Piano accompanist can do a position/sound check with her performers.
4:15 - Performers with electric instruments begin set-up and sound checks.

4:15 - 430 - Soloists arrive
4:45 - Doors open. Seat in your assigned seat in the front row. As as performer goes up, scootch down and be ready to go to the stage. Have your violin and music with you to your seat so you can get on stage without delay.
5:00 - Concert begins, starting w/ Soloists. 
Once your name is announced, Soloists, Duo and Ensemblists:

  • Come up onto the stage, set your music on the stand, make sure the audience can see you (keep the stand as low as possible and/or turned to the side).
  • Check your tuning. 
  • Perform your piece(s).
  • Accept any mistakes with grace.
  • Bow to accept the audience's applause.
  • Collect your music and make your way off the stage and back to your seat.
  • Note: At the end of the concert there will be a group photo with all performers and their instruments on stage.

5:45 - Duos, Ensembles perform
6:10 - Teachers perform
6:20 - Beginner Class performs Lightly Row, Song of the Wind, Etude, Minuet 1

  • Find your correct seat, set your music on the stand.
  • Tune as a group, perform 1st song.
  • Group bow. Some students exit the stage or change seats, get next piece ready on your music stand.
  • Perform 2nd song.
  • Group bow. After, some students shift seats per seating chart & some enter.
  • Tune as a group, perform 3rd song. Etc.
  • After last Beginner piece, group bow and photo. Stay on stage for group photo of all concert performers.

6:45 - Late Beginner Class performs Ashokan Farewell, Largo, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

         Same steps as Beginner Class. 

7:00 - Student Orchestra performs Danse Macabre, The SwanPalladio.

7:20 - Group photo on stage with all performers and teachers

         Same steps as Beginner Class.

7:25   Concert ends

After-party - The Copper Still