45 Min Private Lessons Monthly Membership

Save an extra $20/mo with the Quarterly Membership.

For just $70/week, receive 45 minutes of private attention with an experienced violin teacher AND get one group class per month for free!

Here's what you'll get in this membership:

Cancel anytime with one click, and retain your benefits through the end of the billing term.

Fine Print:

Auto-Billed Until You Cancel

Please note that this membership is billed automatically until this subscription is canceled.

Billed every 4 weeks (28 days), not on the same day each month.

Each time your card is run, a package of 4 private lessons will be deposited into your account. While it is expected that you will receive 1 lesson per week on average, we know that life can get in the way sometimes, and so each package of lessons is good for 6 months from purchase. If your card is first charged on January 1st, those private lessons are good through June 30th. Your card will then run 4 weeks (28 days) later, on January 29th, and those lessons will be good through July 29th, and so on, every 4 weeks, until you cancel the membership.

Each month, you will also receive 1 free group class. You have 1 month to use this class, and then it will expire. It does not roll over, but will be replenished with a new one when your card is next run.


24 Hour Cancellation Policy
If you can't make a lesson, you must cancel or reschedule more than 24 hours in advance or you will lose that lesson credit or be otherwise charged for the lesson. This policy also applies to last-minute (less than 24 hour) reschedules, or changes of lesson length.

Canceling, Upgrading & Downgrading

Cancel your membership any time by logging in and going to "Settings" in your account. You can cancel anytime, and you'll still be able to log in to our Song Library and Group Class Homework Archives resource through the end of the billing term.

The expiration date of your private lesson credits and group class credits are unaffected by canceling your membership. 

To upgrade or downgrade membership levels, simply cancel your current level and sign up at the new level. Unfortunately at this time, we can't offer partial refunds, so you may want to change over when the previous cycle is up. 

Refund Policy
At this time, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

Getting Started
Once you sign up, you'll be directed to the Member Home, where you can schedule your first (and any recurring) lessons.

You'll also receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your lessons. Hit "Select and Make Recurring" when scheduling to save yourself time booking. 

$280 every 4 weeks until canceled

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases

I understand that my card will be automatically charged every 4 weeks (28 days) from first payment until this subscription is canceled.

I understand that I cannot use my 45 minute lessons on 30 minute lessons or on group classes. They are only good for 45 minute private lessons.

I understand that I have 6 months to use my private lesson credits after each monthly automatic purchase, and one month to use my monthly group class credit.

I understand that NYC Violin Studio is not responsible for any health risks including but not limited to, Covid-19 exposure AND that I am expected to mask when required by studio policies.

I promise to stay home and take online classes on the days that I am sick.

I understand that no refunds (full or partial) or exchanges are offered.