New to Violin?

The first thing you've got to do is:

Set up your violin. 

Then you need to tune it.

Then you need to tune it every day. 

Eventually, in about 6 months, you'll need to change your strings. 

I want to show you all of this, so you can tune every day in the shortest time possible. 

Scared of breaking a string while tuning?

Are your pegs slippery?

Do you want to know how to tune fast, without wasting any time?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, read on.

I've got solutions for all of it!

How This Class Works
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How Long Does it Take You to Tune?

I am a full-time violin teacher. Typically we don't teach tuning until the student is at least advanced enough to bow comfortably. 

However, now that everything is online, students that start learning violin at home during the pandemic have no choice but to tune themselves. 

This is why I created this seminar.

It took me years of practice to start tuning faster than it takes me to make my Nespresso coffee. But I discovered a way to teach tuning so that it doesn't take you years to figure out!

Let me give you a tip to automatically decrease your tuning time. You must tune every single day. In fact, you to tune every time you pick up your violin to play. Which means you'll be tuning at least every day. 

Yes, you'll slowly, gradually get faster as you practice it over the years, but wouldn't you rather slice 3 years into 3 hours, and be done with it?

You can learn super fast how to tune in my class, How to Tune Without Breaking a String. The class details are below.

When You're On the Verge of Popping a String

I’ll never forget the morning of the Spring Concert when my student Olivia texted me frantically about her every out of tune E string. She'd always been petrified of using the pegs to tune. I asked her to FaceTime me so I could walk her to through using the peg.

I had a good camera angle so I could see everything. I watched as she grabbed the peg and pushed forward like it was a key in an ignition! 


The E string burst right before my eyes. I finally saw what her issue was. From that moment forward, I knew how to prevent ANYONE from EVER breaking a string again while tuning.

Tip #2: You have to practice using the pegs before an emergency like this happens. I have formulated special drills so you will never have to worry about this again. I will take you through these drills, as well as all the information you need, in our special class, described below.

Why Are Student Violins So Darn Hard to Tune?

What do WD-40, sandpaper and pliers have in common? These are all household items I have had to use when adjusting student violins that just wouldn’t budge. I have put in 11 years of hard work learning all the tricks of the trade, and I want to share them all with you.

What do you do when the pegs stick?

What do you do when the pegs DON’T stick?

What do you do when you hear a buzzing sound?

I have answers to ALL of these questions and more.

Tip #3: If your peg is sticking and won't budge, or your peg will NOT stick and keep slipping, the peg is the problem and you need to address the peg itself. You need to make the peg fit better into the peg hole, physically. You can do this with sandpaper, chalk or pencil lead.

We are going to go over every possible way to do this is our live class How to Tune Without Breaking a String. Read on for details!

"My progress has been unreal."

I have been taking lessons with Antoinette since April, both privately and in a group. My progress has been unreal thanks to her patience and expertise! The welcoming atmosphere is really amazing, but the most special part to me about NYC Violin Studio is that Antoinette and her teachers don't hesitate to give us adult learners the same instruction about the violin and music theory in general that some teachers would save for kids who have "more potential".

- Chloe K.


"The class is actually for beginners"


I really enjoyed the absolute beginner class! I learned so much (even though we switched to virtual classes midway due to covid) and really feel like I can keep up my learning. I was worried it would feel like I was really behind, but the class actually is for beginners so there was really no one who is wayyy above you.

- Morgan W.

How it Works

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By the end of this workshop,
you'll be able to:


Save time tuning with pro tuning hacks you won't find anywhere else.


Tune by ear, one string at a time. Yes, we will actually show you how, and drill you on it to total confidence.


Know and understand all the parts of a violin related to tuning so you can be understood by others, including a luthier (someone who repairs violins).


Learn how to test if your violin is in tune, even if you've never played the violin yet.

Use an electronic tuner with confidence and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to breaking a string.

Check that your violin is set up properly before you start tuning to prevent costly repairs and time waiting in the shop.


Fix slippery, sticky and stuck pegs and fine tuners. Fix every common peg and fine tuner problem at home, on your own, and know which repairs must be taken in to a pro.


Cut your tuning time in half with advanced tuning techniques for those playing 3 months or more already. 




Fix a buzzing violin by learning the 7 most common culprits that you can fix from home.  





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Rocio K.


I've been taking violin group classes at the NYC Violin Studio for two years now and I love it. I started as a beginner and now I'm in the intermediate class. Both Antoinette and Marie are amazing teachers. Even now with the covid pandemic, taking online classes I've improved a lot, and also I've enjoyed playing and the concerts. I can't wait to start the summer semester!

Rocio, Astrophysicist
Intermediate Violinist

Katherine H.


"I cannot recommend NYC Violin Studio enough. I have been to other schools in NYC and this is by far the best. Scheduling is incredibly easy. If I needed to miss a class I could make it up on another date. The instruction is fantastic. I think the instructors understand that most of the students aren't planning on becoming concert violinists, so they focus on teaching interesting pieces while providing enough theory and technique to improve without completely overwhelming us. Truly top notch professionals who make the class fun!"

Corporate Training Director
Absolute Beginner Violinist

Tonia P.


"Antoinette is not only a wonderful musician, she's a true teacher. She was endlessly patient with me and could always find a different way to explain or describe what I needed to do. She was always encouraging but never fake about praise, so when I got it, I knew I'd actually done something right--and if I didn't, she would simply work with me further on it until I did. I'm a teacher myself, so I recognize what it takes to be a good one--and Antoinette is not just good: she's excellent. I've never met better."

Retired English Professor
Early Intermediate Fiddler

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Meet Your Teacher

Hi. I'm Antoinette Ady. 

I am real person, a real violin teacher based in NYC. I have developed group classes for beginning adults and they have gone really well! I love teaching, but I hate selling. So I apologize if anything here sounds like overkill. I just want convey the important parts of my message, and hopefully be of some assistance.

You may be wondering why I am qualified to teach this class. After all, there are thousands of violinists who tune every day. Your run-of-the-mill violinist has...

been tuning their personal instrument on average, once per day for the past 15 years, probably about 5,000 times in total (now you know why it looks so easy). That's not bad. It's almost as many times as you told yourself you'd turn down the next office birthday cake.

I've been teaching violin for the past 11 years. While this career path has given me a severe lack of office pastries, it has put me into contact with hundreds of violins. All shapes, sizes and colors, and all price points. A lot of my students are beginners, so all in all, I've tuned hundreds of instruments about 25,000 times, and I've taught hundreds of students how to tune their own instruments.  

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